About JAAD

Jaad ~ A Freelance Book Designer for Large and Small Alike

Feel free to explore my site. If you enjoy my work and feel it would be a good match for your needs send me a message. I would be happy to be of assistance.

If you are publisher or design outfit you can count on my experience and ability to handle the complexities of projects and design programs. If you are an author the advantage of going with JAAD is you will be working directly with an experienced, talented, designer thereby ensuring clear communication during all stages of the design and layout process.

I have been working as a freelance book designer with independent presses, publishers, and authors to format books and create cover designs since 2007. Over the years I have designed book covers and interiors dealing with a variety of genres. My goal is to create book covers that generate excitement, book interiors that are pleasurable to read, and ensure the process is smooth, satisfactory as possible for those I work for and with.

Book Formatting and Design Services

Book design doesn’t end with the cover, the interior still requires the same artistic sense, skill, and attention to detail. The interior ought to be professionally designed to compliment and continue the themes laid out on the cover to make the reading experience a fun, interesting, and even effortless experience.

Upon receiving your manuscript I’ll create a chapter sample that compliments and builds off the cover design of your book. The sample chapter establishes the fonts, line spacing, headers, chapter pages, as well as (for more complex layouts) the look of paragraphs with numbers or bullets, as well as tables, and call outs. Upon your approval the design sample will form the skeletal framework for the rest of your book.

As I format your book I will be paying attention to letter and word spacing, widows, excessive hyphenations, and other distractions that hinder the flow of pleasant reading.

Some books obviously are more of a challenge to format than others depending upon the complexity of the manuscript. There are generally three categories of complexity that will be taken into consideration when pricing the formatting your book:

  1. Simple Fiction (novels, no images)
  2. Complex with Text (nonfiction, self-help, history, medical etc… that include headings, subheadings, numbered paragraphs, endnotes, footnotes, glossary and so on. Images are limited to less than ten).
  3. Complex with Images (illustrated fiction or nonfiction, memoirs, art books and so on).

To view Jaad book formatting, layout and design samples see my Book Interior Designs page.

Book Cover Design Services

A free hour-long consultation begins the process of designing your cover. We’ll go over ideas you may have and direction you wish to go based upon your material. We will discuss any images you want to include or have in mind as well. To see samples I have done as a book cover designer click here.

From there, after researching styles and images, I will produce 2-3 unique concepts for you to consider. After you select one of these covers we will go back and forth, tweak, and try out different options until it is perfect.